Below are categories of member rewards that may interest you

Industry Resources & Networking

Connect with industry leaders for information, provide information and networking.

  • Federal Water Quality Coalition (FWQC) – An active FWQC member since 2000, MACA’s concerns are heard and protected via MACA’s water consultant. The Coalition participates in federal and regional water quality rulemakings and initiatives; negotiated guidance development; written comments; and litigation.
  • Special interest programs – Such as Mini-Bulk Recycling Summit.
  • WeatherPlot™ – site-specific historical weather database developed to provide nearly field-level assessments of hourly or daily weather conditions. Offered at discount rate to MACA members.
  • Committee/Task Forces – work on issues identified as important to the membership to find possible solutions that are effective.
  • Agricultural Field Crops Pesticide Fees – Comparison of pesticide fees for 13 Midwestern states.

Education & Personal Development

Educational programs are offered to members at a discount.

  • MACA Annual Meeting – Provide information via speakers on current issues, networking, opportunities for business meetings and relaxation. Presentations are posted on website following meeting.
  • CropLife Ambassador Network – Provides scientifically based, accurate information to the public regarding the safety and value of American agricultural food production. Various Power Point presentations on key topics are developed and available for use by members.

Online Benefits

Get members-only access to online databases and publications.

  • MACA Water Issue Review Matrix – Provides a status report on the various water issues in the country.
  • Survey Form for Safe Storage of Crop Protection Products (SACS Survey Form) This document provides assistance in evaluating public warehouses’ qualifications to receive, store, and ship crop protection products; and identifies any areas for improving safety at any such public warehouses.


Members keep up-to-date through publications and information.

  • MACA News Update – mailed to every member biannually.
  • MACA Monthly News – emailed monthly.
  • Facebook